Somewhere in Goa....

Petrol in Goa will be cheaper by Rs 11 from April 2, housewives with annual incomes below Rs 3 lakh will get a monthly allowance of Rs 1,000 and the price of cooking gas has been fixed for the next five years. Chief minister Manohar Parrikar presented the annual budget stating that the common man would not be burdened. “Our government will stand behind the common man like the Rock of Gibraltar. I have managed to keep all my promises without putting a single burden on the common man,” Parrikar told reporters at the post-budget briefing. He said the budget was aimed at “all-round development of the state; not only physical development, but also human resource development”. Asked how he would implement the budget proposals, Parrikar promised his “personal supervision” to ensure their implementation. “Every proposal has been provided for in the budget. I don’t need to look at any documents. All the figures are in my head,” he said. The total budget size for the year 2012-13 was estimated at Rs 9,549 crore as against Rs 8,022 crore in 2011-12.

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