Mumbai: BMC to plant mangroves at Mahim Causeway

BMC along with state government agencies will plant around 3,000 mangroves and mangrove associates on over half-km stretch at Mahim Causeway (Bandra side) and construct a new footpath connecting the Reclamation promenade to the bridge on Mahim Causeway. Levelling work in the area started a few days ago and mangrove plantation will be taken up soon too. A suggestion to construct a viewing gallery on the stretch is also under consideration.

Officials stated the plantation will help increase green cover in the area and keep encroachers at bay. Earlier, there were complaints that people used to dump garbage on the stretch and encroachments had also come up. BMC removed six slum structures a few days ago, before started levelling work.

The new footpath will provide connectivity from Bandra Reclamation walkway to the existing footpath of the bridge on Mahim Causeway.

The work was taken up on the suggestion of municipal commissioner Parveen Pardeshi, who had visited the site in H-West ward on July 12.

Pardeshi said, “The area close to the sea will have mangroves while the stretch that is higher up will have mangrove associate plants. The entire stretch will be a completely green area.”

A joint meeting of mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Pardeshi and officials concerned was held on Friday to discuss work progress. Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray had also attended the meeting. Aaditya tweeted later, “…a joint meet between BMC G-North, H-West & MSRDC for a connector piece of footpath that connects to Mahim Causeway to Sea Link. Furthermore, a viewing gallery to beautify the Mahim Causeway.”

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