Nilgiris’ Avalanche region gets 91cm rain in a day

The Avalanche region in the Nilgiris broke the record for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in 24 hours, for the second consecutive day on Friday. It received 911 mm, which is the highest amount of rainfall a station in Tamil Nadu has recorded in a day.

On Thursday, the region recorded 820 mm, which was until Friday the highest quantum recorded in the state. The record was previously held by Ketti, also a station in Ooty, in 2009. In 48 hours, the station recorded 1,731 mm, which is close to the amount Cherrapunji receives during the monsoon.

“In the past 72 hours, Avalanche has received 2,136 mm of rainfall which is close to how much Cherrapunji records,” said Tamil Nadu weather blogger Pradeep John.

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