Indian Davos to roll out in Gulmarg

Jammu and Kashmir’s ski haven, Gulmarg, could soon become a hub for trading of business ideas.

Come February, more than 150 economists, industry captains and leaders from across the nation will attend the Jammu and Kashmir Economic Conclave 2019 held at the hill station on February 27. The two-day conclave  is modelled on the World Economic Forum held at Davos, Switzerland.

“The choice of Gulmarg was guided by the desire to nurture understanding and bonding between the business communities of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It is also steered by the success stories of collaborations and new ideas that emerge out WEF,” said Arjumand Hussain Talib, a development economist and founding editor of Ziraat Times, which is organizing the event.

The idea of turning Gulmarg into an idea incubator was sowed by former state finance minister Haseeb A Drabu. He aimed to provide networking opportunities and a platform to local businesses. “J&K economy’s economy holds major potential and we just need to exploit it in a meaningful manner. If this provides the start, why not?” said Drabu.

The event will comprise panel discussions and workshops, and also host economic thinkers, writers, and academicians. “Sub-sectors of J&K’s industry, services and agriculture will get an opportunity to present their issues, challenges, future growth ideas and vision for policy transformation and practice,” says Talib.

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