Srinagar Metro

Jammu and Kashmir administration is all set to launch Srinagar Metro. A detailed project report for the same has been prepared and construction work is slated to begin from 2020.

The 25-kilometre-long Metro line will be built in two phases and divided into two corridors namely Corridor 1 and 2. A total of 12 stations will be built in each corridor with the total stations in the line being 24. Reportedly, the cost of the project will be five thousand crore rupees. Senior Civil Engineer and retired Indian Railways Service of Engineers popularly known as ‘Metro Man’ has been made the head of the project.

Speaking to the correspondent, Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar, Dr Shahid Choudhary said, “We are preparing the future of Srinagar. In the coming days, the population of Srinagar will increase, for which the Metro is needed.” “We will start the operation of the Metro train in Srinagar by 2024. Each kilometre of this Metro project will create jobs for 25 youths. The process of bidding will start very soon,” added Choudhary.

The new technologies of token and smart card will be used for the completely elevated Metro line. The three-coach Metro will start first. About 250 people will be able to travel together in a compartment, i.e. 750 people can travel together in a Metro train. In summer, the Srinagar Metro will run for 17 hours, then in winter, this Metro will run for 14 hours. Mini feeder buses will also run from outside each station. Around 35 mini feeder bus services will run in Srinagar.

There will also be special attention on the security system of Srinagar Metro, CCTV, Bag Scanner, Bomb Detection Equipment, wireless sets, sniffer dogs will be available at every Metro station.

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