PM to unveil GatiShakti master plan next week

PM Gatishakti, an initiative to be launched by PM Narendra Modi on October 13, is a comprehensive geospatial digital platform intended to break silos that often confound government decision-making and bring about a fundamental shift in project planning and execution.

The contours of the concept, that are only now unfolding, envisage a national networking group at the Centre that will meet regularly and take stock of projects that have been made part of a national master plan. These projects have timelines running to 2024-25, and will be put through the new approach mentioned by the PM in his I-Day speech.

The core of Gatishakti will have 200 layers that the GIS system offers users to map physical features, district administration offices, rail, road and gas lines, facilities like health and police as well as resources like water bodies and reserved parks and forests. The users, currently central ministries, will be able to benefit from much better logistics planning and connectivity.

Official sources said the platform will help private players who are part of central government projects too. “The government wants to look at them as partners, not just contractors. The trove of information will reduce overheads and shorten implementation timelines,” the official said.

The initiative is seen to flow from Modi’s view that intra-government coordination is key to faster project roll outs. Accessing a common data base of information will deliver planners a significant advantage will lead to improved multi-modal connectivity as managers spot gaps and develop synergies. It is expected to save time and prevent wasteful duplication of official time and funds.

The Centre is in talks with states to onboard them on the Gatishakti platform and so far the responses have been encouraging. Most states see the benefits of a multi-layered platform that provide 3D visualisation of ground areas and map existing facilities, helping create infrastructure that is efficient and cost effective.

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