4000-year-old copper weapons found under a field in UP’s Mainpuri

They had big weapons, used large swords—some close to 4 feet long—and arms that had sharp, sophisticated shapes, like starfish. Our ancestors, nearly 4,000 years ago, fought brutally and hard, a chance discovery under the ground in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri seems to suggest.

Archaeologists have called the findings “exciting”.

Earlier this month in Mainpuri’s Ganeshpur village, a farmer was levelling his two bigha field when he found a large number of copper swords and harpoons beneath the soil. He took all of them home as he thought these were precious objects made of gold or silver. However, some locals informed cops and the Archaeological Survey of India swung into action.

Among what was found were various swords, some that archaeologists are calling “antenna swords and harpoons'”, with a hook at the bottom.

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