Historians Gave Prominence to Mughals, Ignored Other Glorious Rules : Amit Shah

Union home minister Amit Shah has alleged that most historians ‘gave prominence’ in recording history of Mughals, ‘ignoring glorious rules’ of empires like Pandyas, Cholas, Mauryas, Guptas and Ahoms. Speaking at a book release in new Delhi on Friday, Shah said history is not written on the basis of victory or defeat, but on the basis of the outcome of any event.

“History is not made based on the government and books; truth is made based on events. No one can stop us from writing the truth. We are now independent. We can write our own history. I want to tell historians that we have many empires, but historians have concentrated only on Mughals. The Pandya empire ruled for 800 years. The Ahom empire ruled Assam for 650 years. They (Ahoms) had even defeated Bakhtiyar Khalji, Aurangzeb and kept Assam sovereign,” Shah said.

“Pallava empire ruled for 600 years. The Cholas ruled for 600 years. The Mauryas ruled the whole country, from Afghanistan to Lanka for 550 years. The Satvahanas ruled for 500 years. The Guptas ruled for 400 years and (Gupta emperor) Samudragupta had visioned a united India and established an empire with the whole country. But there is no reference book on them. ” For the record, ancient and medieval history books have recorded all the empries that Shah referred to.

Shah said reference books should be written on the empires and if they are written, "the history which we believe wrong will gradually fade away and truth will emerge. ” For this, he said, there is a need to start work by many people. By keeping aside comments, our glorious history should be placed before the public. When we make big effort, the attempt of falsehood becomes small. So, we should pay more attention to make our efforts bigger. ”

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