India abstains from IAEA’s Iran vote

India joined Pakistan and Libya in abstaining from voting on a resolution in the International Atomic Energy Agency that slammed Iran for its lack of cooperation with the global community on the nuclear issue. Thirty countries voted in favour of the resolution, that was drafted by the US, UK, France and Germany. Russia and China voted against it.

“Yesterday, we joined the overwhelming majority of the IAEA board of governors in expressing support for the IAEA’s essential mission of safeguarding nuclear material to prevent nuclear proliferation. Iran must cooperate with the IAEA and provide technically credible information in response to the IAEA’s questions, which is the only way to remove these safeguards issues from the board’s agenda,” said the US in a statement.

The voting took place while Iran’s foreign minister was in India for a meeting with his counterpart S Jaishankar. India’s abstaining from voting is another example its differences with the US on major international issues.

According to the US, the resolution is at the heart of the IAEA’s mandate and Iran’s core obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and not about the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

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