Diesel up, petrol unchanged

State-run fuel retailers raised diesel price by 95 paise per litre, the second increase this month, but left petrol rates unchanged. Diesel will cost Rs 45.90 per litre against Rs 44.95 at present in Delhi from Friday . In Mumbai, the price will be Rs 53.09 per litre for diesel. Diesel price was raised by 50 paise on October 1, while petrol price was left untouched even on that occasion.
Petrol price was last revised on September 1 when it was cut by Rs 2 per litre to Rs 61.20 in Delhi. Diesel price was cut by 50 paise on that day . There was no revision on the subsequent fortnight on September 16, even though a 98 paise per litre hike in petrol and Rs 2.28 a litre increase in diesel rates were required.

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