Odisha gets its 1st 100% solar-powered village

October 2 marked a life-changing transition for the 350-odd dwellers of Baripatha, a tribal village 25 km southwest of Bhubaneswar. It made history by becoming the first village in the state to be entirely solar powered.
The Baripathamodel is low cost, low-maintenance and community-owned and hence different from other solar projects across India.
The Rs.7 lakh project, co-funded by ECCO Electronics (a solar products manufacturer) and Jakson Group (a diversified power solutions provider), has put individual solar units with two lamps in each of the village's 61 houses, along with a central one kilowatt unit that powers eight street lamps, and an TV along with set-top box for the community centre. “Till now, in all rural solar projects, central units would supply power to households. Often, the exposed cables would be tapped, and others would draw more than their shares. This would cause the central unit to overload and trip,“ says Jakson's executive vice-president Sandip Ghosh. By providing individual units to each household, these problems have been resolved.

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