WPI @ -4.5%

The deflationary trend continued for the 11th straight month, with wholesale price index-based (WPI) inflation remaining in the negative territory at -4.54% in September. But the common man continued to reel under the burden of rising prices of pulses and onion. The WPI inflation was -4.95 per cent in August. It has been in the negative zone since November. In September last year, inflation was 2.38%.
Commenting on the numbers, finance minister Arun Jaitley said, the situation is “under control“. “There are only two significant items which we have to be concerned about.First was onion, which had -because of seasonal variation -gone up. Onion prices have substantially cooled since then,“ he said. He added only the prices of pulses need to be handled. Consumer affairs department is the nodal ministry handling the issue. Inflation in food articles had inched up to 0.69% in September, from -1.13% in August.

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