Pune Metro snippets

The Pune Municipal Corporation, state government and the Centre agree that the Pune metro project will come up as designed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation's (DMRC) report and work on the first two phases will start simultaneously.
Even though there is opposition from city-based NGOs, the state government has asked the Centre to initiate steps to sanction the project immediately and told the civic body to prepare for its execution.
The state urban development department is keen to take forward the project based on the DMRC report which has recommended an elevated metro.
Urban development principal secretary Nitin Kareer, in a letter to Madhusudan Prasad, secretary of the Union urban development department, has communicated the state government's decision.
Kareer has said that in a meeting in New Delhi, attended by city leaders and Union ministers, it was decided to start both corridors at the same time and experts from DMRC informed that the suggestions of the Bapat Committee can be incorporated keeping the metro feasible.
“Chief minister of Maharashtra has also approved the minutes of the meeting. I am directed to inform you this view of the government of Maharashtra with a request to initiate the further steps to accord sanction to the Pune Metro Project immediately,“ Kareer's letter said.
Earlier, the government of India had informed the state that considering only corridor-I when the Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been prepared for both corridors cannot be justified as the financial viability of corridor-I alone may not be feasible.
The Union government had requested a review of corridor-II and communicate the views so that the entire project can be proposed as one project. Accordingly, the state has responded to the Centre's suggestions. The state government sources said that Union development minister M Venkaiah Naidu had held discussions with leaders and officials and told the state officials that an underground metro was not feasible and that Pune, like other cities, will have to get an elevated metro as suggested by the DMRC.
The civic body has already approved a resolution to execute the project as per the DMRC report.

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