Thane biodiversity park snippets

The biodiversity park coming up in Thane is making sure every drop of water is put to good use. Instead of taping into new sources, officials plan to use recycle sewage water to make the facility self sustainable. “The park along the Thane creek will house varieties of plant species, which will require to be watered regularly. We have not planted any saplings because of lack of water. After looking at different models we found the phytorid technology created by the National Environmental Engineering Institute (Neeri) self-sustainable. Under the process waste water is recycled and it is make available for gardening or flushing,“ said Surendra Kale, the plantation officer at the social forestry department. Mumbai University uses the same technology at its Kalina campus. The social forestry department consulted the institute and is putting in place a green strategy where the municipal sewage effluent will be recycled and reused to water plants in the park, which is spread over 5 hectares. The entire project will be functional by May-end. “The drainage water first flows into a collection tank.The solid waste is separated from the water using porous filters such as gravel and stones. It then put through the phytorid bed, which is filled with toxin-absorbing plants.The plants' roots absorb the toxins in the water and make it reusable. The stock is accumulated in a third tank, which will be used to water the plants in the park,“ he added.One lakh litres of water will be recycled on a daily basis.

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