Link Aadhaar to mobile from home

The Unique Identification Authority of India has simplified the process for linking mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar. The move will particularly help senior citizens and the differently abled, who need not go to service providers but will be able to do the linking from home.

The UIDAI has issued fresh directives for generating a one time password either through the service provider’s website or through its Interactive Voice Response services to facilitate the linking, also known as re-verification.

The UIDAI had found the earlier approved system of generating the OTP with a mere SMS unsafe. The only catch in the new method is that a user needs to have the mobile number registered with Aadhaar or would have to first update the mobile number in the Aadhaar records by going to the Aadhaar updation centres — either post offices or government offices. A user can reverify a mobile number on the web portal of the service provider, for which the latter will provide an OTP. Once the OTP is entered, the user will see a consent message displayed on the website. The user can enter the Aadhaar number after checking the consent box.

The UIDAI has also specified that the service providers need to ensure that they have internal robust security measures to protect the Aadhaar information. For the IVR re-verification method, a user has to put in a call through the mobile number that needs to be linked. The interactive voice recorder plays the consent message and the user provides the Aadhaar number, following which an OTP request is sent. The reverification message is finally issued on the IVR.

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