Maharashtra records 10 tiger deaths in 70 days

 A four-month-old cub was found dead in Pench Tiger Reserve. With this, Maharashtra lost its 10th tiger in the past 70 days, since January 1, 2018.

Of the 10 tiger deaths, four were reported from Chandrapur, two from Pench and four newborn cubs in captivity in Gorewada rescue centre. Earlier, a tigress was found dead in Pench waters in Kolitmara. Pench field director Ravikiran Govekar said the latest death has nothing to do with the dead Kolitmara tigress.

Govekar added the cub was being monitored since March 5, near Piwarthadi area on the Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra border as it was found moving alone. The field staff carried out physical monitoring and camera trapping of the area continuously since then.

The cub was again found moving around the same area on March 9.

“We tried to ensure that the cub unites with the mother and ensured minimum anthropogenic interference. Necessary feeding supplements and water was made available,” said Govekar.

Govekar said wildlife vet with the department, Dr GM Kadu, was involved in monitoring continuously. Field staff heard calls on Friday night and pugmarks showed that the tigress was moving around. However, the poor condition of the cub on Saturday indicated that the mother tigress was not accepting it.

The field staff conducted an extensive search operation on Sunday and found the carcass of the cub in a nearby meadow. “...The tigress is basically a resident of Piwarthadi-Chikalakhari area of Karmazari range of MP side of Pench and has been recorded with two cubs there,” Govekar said.

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